Camping Is Good For Your Soul and Your Body


Because we now live in a world fueled by all things power and electricity in various daily devices like smartphones, laptops and lightbulbs. All of those convenient, modern things that give us the world in our lap and work at our fingertips are also often the reason we lose sleep. Among other things like gaining weight, becoming more inactive, and may have  caused many people to develop chronic sleep disorders. So, how does camping help your soul and your body when it comes to all this life stuff?


Our internal clocks are designed to produce melatonin a few hours before bed, so we know it’s time to hit the sack. Then halt production a few hours before we wake up, so we can tackle the day. However, researchers suggest that the modern environments we live in have drastically altered this natural sleep rhythm. Did you know that a weekend camping trip in the winter and one in the summer can help you balance your internal clock and refresh your body?


Using devices that emit blue light, as much as we do, can actually throw our internal clock and natural circadian rhythm off so much so that we no longer produce melatonin before bed, but continue to produce it well after we wake up in the morning. That can spell sleep disaster for anyone who works on a computer or laptop - especially if you are a workaholic and are consistently attached to a device. Same theory goes for kids who are allowed to have technology in their bedrooms.

How To Get Outdoors For Less

  1. When it comes to Camping you want to know what you need to bring before you go. You should definitely check out some awesome camping gear blogs in order to better understand exactly what to pack. In general you will definitely need undergarments, outer layers of clothing that are warm and also waterproof for night, as well as a great pair of hiking boots. You can get all of this and more on Patagonia. Patagonia is a great place to shop for all of your outdoor gear, hiking accessories, as well as camping gear and accessories. You can even find sports items like kayaks and inner tubes for swimming.

  2. Next, you want to pick a safe place to Camp. Be sure to check the forestry guide for the area you are camping in to determine the safety level dependent upon the time of year. Maine camping areas are often subject to wild animals like bears and boxes. You want to make sure that you keep all food and drinks in coolers, and locked in your car at night that way as to not attract these wild animals.

  3. You will also need sleeping gear like sleeping bags, tents, or even maybe an air mattress. You can find all of this on Patagonia as well. Just click the link above and you can see if you are eligible to get up to 70% off of the retail price when it comes to shopping all things outdoor gear and getting outside for less.