Current Status of all Neharpar Projects

Ever wondered how your project is progressing in Neharpar, Faridabad?

Well, here are a few videos that show how how the projects are progressing. Bookmark this page as I will upload new videos every day. Here you go:

BPTP Resort: What you see are the towers that are almost completed. What you don’t see in this videeo are a few towers at the back that are semi-finished. BPTP Resort is situated on the Neharpar Master Road and is a fine and chic apartment complex.


BPTP Park Arena: This project is situated at a solid, premium location in Sector 80, Neharpar, and that is one of the reasons why it is so pricey. Park Arena is a themed apartment complex that helps its residents lead an active lifestyle by providing them with many sporting facilities, including a cricket training ground and a skating rink.


Ansal Crown Heights: A superb, luxury-specifications project that kisses the posh Sector 14 in Faridabad. Ansal Crown Heights comes equipped with high-end trappings and conveniences and this is one project whose prices will keep moving upwards, so long the world does not end.


Puri Pranayam: A stately and  comfortable apartment complex in Neharpar, Faridabad. This is the priciest Neharpar project that is high in demand. It’s bungalow flats and the 4-BR flats with a plunge pool are the talk of the town. Possession is expected by Diwali 2012.


Era Divine Court: This is a modest project with semi-luxury specifications. It is so affordably priced that it makes for a terrific investment. It is also an underrated project that will reward its investors many times over.

BPTP Park Floors in Sectors 76 and 77 Neharpar: BPTP Park Floors is an elegant and affordable project that has two parts to it. One part is located in Sector 76 and the other part in Sector 77. The Sector 76 Park Floors project comes equipped with a lift and is in demand. Demand for the Sector 77 project is kind of middling. However, this project is all ready to be delivered, it looks elegant, and makes for an excellent investment.

Shiv Sai’s Ozone Park is a very clean, neat, elegant and contemporary project that’s all ready and decked for possession. The current resale rates are hovering around 3,000/sft, and make for a robust investment. The project is located barely 1/2 km away from the Modern Delhi Public school.

BPTP Plots and BPTP Elite Floors: Here is the entry to Sector 75 (BPTP Blocks P/Q). BPTP Elite Floors are all over the place inside Parklands (which is what BPTP refers to Neharpar as). These floors command a premium, which is dependent on their location. For example, in June 2012,  the first floor on a 180-sq yd plot in E Block can be purchased at around 32-33 lakhs all inclusive. Different blocks command different premiums.

BPTP Park Grandeura is already home to 250+ residents. This is an elegant complex equipped with the best clubhouse in Neharpar. It is very close to amenities as well and BPTP provides many services to its residents at subsidized rates.

Dhingra Jardine

Dhingra Jardine: A very low-key project situated in prime Sector 80. Trading in Dhingra Jardine apartments is not very active and most brokers do not have any quotes for this Faridabad property.

BPTP Next Door Mall: Located in Sector 70, this Galleria-type mall is ready but does not have many takers because the locality needs to be developed. This mall will become a hot property by 2014, by which time Neharpar will become a fully-developed area. It makes sense to invest in BPTP Next Door if you are getting units for cheap.

(Bookmark this page, more videos are coming soon)

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  1. Please upload status of Discovery park project – sector 80 BPTP,

    Amit on June 22, 2012 Reply
  2. When the possession will start for “THE RESORT”, BPTP? Already late by few years!!! Pls give a tentitive date of possession.

    Thanks and regards

    N. C. Mahapatra

    N. C. Mahapatra on August 20, 2012 Reply
    • No idea about the possession date, Mr Mahapatra. BPTP’s Princess Park and Park Floors are lying complete for many months now, and possession is yet to be announced. On the flip side, possession for plots, which are un-livable has been given. So, all possession-date estimates are at best, guesstimates.

      Sunil Tinani on August 21, 2012
  3. Dear sir,
    Shiv sai Builder(Ozone park) flat possession is almost ready. Just i want confirm regarding Structural safety norms. Who body issue a structural safety certificate for builders.
    meet Malik

    Meet Malik on September 2, 2012 Reply
  4. Hi,
    Got a mail yesterday from BPTP, regarding the possession of The Resort. They have given a tentitive 30 to 45 working days for the possession of the same. Let’s see how it goes, as we all know the approach roads, lighting systems, bridge on the nehar etc. are still awaited.

    Thanks and regards

    N. C. Mahapatra

    N. C. Mahapatra on October 12, 2012 Reply
    • Hi Mr. Mahapatra,

      Have you received the possesion letter for the plots or for the flats? Becasue till now I have not received any letter regarding posseison for flat.
      Please let me know and also please provide me more information on possesion dates or updates if you have.

      Anamika Chowdhury

      Anamika on December 6, 2012
  5. Hi, Anamika,
    After the mail regarding possession within 45 working days, there is no more intimation from the company BPTP and on my query regarding I got another mail last week that they are going to commence the possession process very soon. But very soon is how soon we all know in case of BPTP but some how the price PSF is going towards Rs. 4000/- due the Metro Rail factor and quality of construction, is a good news for all the investors.


    N. C. Mahapatra

    N. C. Mahapatra on December 25, 2012 Reply
  6. Hello.
    Mr. Mahapatra,

    Have you received the possesion letter for the resort ? Becasue till now I have not received any letter regarding posseison for flat.whenever i called bptp office they are saying possesion will be start may be in month of april or june 2013.but these words m listening from last 2 m fed up.
    Please let me know and also please provide me more information on possesion dates or updates if you have.


    nani on January 6, 2013 Reply
  7. U have not mentioned anything about RPS Projects like savana and Palms. Wwhat is their expected date of delivery and price

    Gurpreet Singh on January 24, 2013 Reply
    • Expected date of delivery on many Neharpar projects is known only by two people:
      (a) The builder
      (b) God

      Mortals like me have no clue. We can just flow wit the drift.

      Sunil Tinani on January 29, 2013
    • Possession of flats at Naharpar Projects are very late. Some Projects has given possession and some projects are ready for possession. Any way RPS will also delivery the project early.

      R K Jain on February 24, 2013

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