Government Serious on Neharpar Master Road Development

Neharpar-Master Road Work

Master Road in Neharpar, Greater Faridabad, under construction.

Neharpar, Faridabad News; Report Filed by Sunil Tinani
8 June 2012

The government is dead serious on developing Neharpar and is pulling out all stops to ensure that the area is developed within 18-24 months. The best thing about it is that there is ample evidence that proves that this time the government is focused on finishing the job.

There was news yesterday morning that Neharpar farmers have created a bottleneck for the area’s development by refusing to sign a “I am satisfied by the compensation paid” letter. After having jacked up the land acquisition rates from 16 lakhs/acre to 45 lakhs/acre, the government was hell-bent on acquiring this letter from the farmers. But the farmers were sticking to their stand. They would part with the land but would not sign the letter.

Just yesterday morning it seemed like Neharpar’s development has hit another hurdle.

However, the government acted within the space of 24 hours to set things right. Faridabad’s DC, Balraj Singh, swung into action mode and settled the issue with the farmers.

This shows serious intent on the government’s part and lends further proof that the government is serious about handing over Neharpar to flat owners 2014, the year in which Lok Sabha elections will take place.

You can read the original report here:

Neharpar's Master Road's bottlenecks cleared

Neharpar's Master Road's bottlenecks cleared


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